DISI Committee

District Identity & Streetscape Improvements (DISI) Committee


  • Meryl DeYoung Rasmussen

Committee Members:

  • Jenna Hanson Abramson
  • Audrey Wardwell

The DISI committee works on branding the district as a fun and safe atmosphere for families, young professionals, business owners, and employees in the area. The goal of this branding effort is to make downtown Salinas a more attractive place for locals to come for entertainment, people to open new business, for businesses to relocate to, and even for people to live within the district. This effort will focus on the historical charm of the district, along with new and exciting growth opportunities like ag-tech, and bringing in more entertainment and creating an enjoyable night life focused on the amazing cultural diversity of the Salinas Valley.

2017 Committee Goals:

  • SCC street signage, triangle signs, and overhead banners.
  • Fixed seating/ urban parks with free public wifi at Patria pass through.
  • SCC coasters for bars and restaurants within center.
  • SCC easy up for farmers market events.
  • Stronger partnership with Chamber of Commerce.
  • Bibs/ patches for Hope Services and Uretsky Security.
  • Facebook campaign of influential SCC residents/business people and why they like SCC.
  • 2017 holiday decorations.
  • District photography.
  • Chamber of commerce ribbon cutting.

2016 Committee Accomplishments:

  • Hired TMD as our PR firm.
  • Hired Coastline Marketing Group to create our website, website to be complete by end of this fiscal year.
  • SCC Facebook creation, 1,600 page likes.
  • Scheduled weekly Facebook postings  ‐ “I Am Salinas City Center” Facebook campaign.
  • Coastal Grower Salinas City Center article.
  • Launched press release of the renaming of Oldtown to Salinas City Center to all media outlets.
  • SCC dot window decals and social media guidelines blitz.
  • “Welcome to Salinas City Center” banners at Forbes event.