Land Use Committee


  • Steve Ish

Committee Members:

  • Frank Saunders
  • Peter Kasavan
  • Brad Slama
  • Larry Bussard
  • Kevin Dayton
  • Catherine Kobrinsky Evans
  • Greg Findley
  • James Kendall
  • Brian Finegan
  • Jay DeSerpa

The Land Use Committee works with private building owners and the city to develop new uses and opportunities for Salinas City Center. Whether bringing in more mixed-use, or residential units, or trying to bring in a grocery store to the district, the over-arching goals of the land use committee is to make the district a more viable and thriving hub that anchors the City of Salinas for generations to come.

2017 Goals:

  • Continue to cooperate and advocate with City staff and Council Members for implementation of Priority Actions.
  • Work with SCCIA Board to establish role of SCCIA and LUC in approval process for City Center development.
  • Rezoning and sale of City owned parking lots.
  • Initiation of program for financing of parking facilities.
  • County campus to Main Street walkway.
  • Program for timely rehab of Bruhn Building.
  • Zoning amendments to deal with use able open space, parking and storm water management requirements.

2016 Committee Accomplishments:

  • Appointment of an extremely well qualified, dedicated and energetic committee membership, totally committed to the revitalization of the City Center in furtherance of the Downtown Vibrancy Plan.
  • Formulation of list of First Year Priority Actions for implementation of the Downtown Vibrancy Plan for adoption by the SCCIA Board.
  • Established a positive working relationship with City management and staff for implementation of the First Year Priority Actions.
  • Meaningful progress on three of the First Year Priority Actions (sidewalk dining, inclusionary housing exemption, lighting).