SOBO Committee

Sidewalk Operation, Beautification and Order (SOBO) Committee


  • Joel Panzer

Committee Members:

  • Greg Piini

The SOBO Committee works towards making the district an even safer, more family-friendly place, by overseeing private security and working hand-in-hand with them, in coordination with the Salinas Police Department. This coordination ensures that the district is as welcoming as possible. Additionally, they work on further beautifying the district, and keeping it clean for the enjoyment of all.

2017 Committee Goals:

  • Continue with our maintenance of the sidewalks and landscaping and the security service at slightly reduced levels. We will cut back at some point as the combination of the two services will exceed our available funds.
  • We would like to see our logo on both the Hope Group and the Security force identifying both services with our association.
  • We want to pressure wash sidewalks, as needed, and may want to elicit the help of the merchants to keep them in good order and possibly contribute money.
  • We want to eliminate several taxi spaces as they are no longer needed and are taking up valuable parking.
  • We would like to see more lighting in the Main Street corridor such as rope lighting on light posts and some trees.
  • We would like to encourage all shop owners to keep at least a small amount of low energy lighting in their storefronts after shop hours.
  • We would like to encourage all shop owners to keep their windows cleaned on a regular basis as this is the sign of a well-run business.
  • We have been in contact with Mike Garner about the removal of phone booths in the district and he is still working on the solution. Apparently, PG&E does not know where the power is coming from and therefore does not want to see live wires left after the booths are removed.
  • We would also like to see the newspaper stands removed as they are no longer necessary.
  • We want to make sure that we are involved in the Salinas Vibrancy Plan and encourage all merchants to let their opinions be known.
  • We want to continue to build the impression that our district is a safe and clean environment.

2016 Committee Accomplishments:

Landscape maintenance and side walk cleanliness.
We negotiated a new contract with the Hope Services group to continue and expand the services provided under the Oldtown Salinas Association.  We increased the coverage to include both tier 1 and tier 2 areas.  We are in constant communication with the personnel to insure the highest degree of service for our property owners.

We currently have two crews working.  The tier1 group, comprised of four workers with a supervisor works five days a week six hours per day.  The tier 2 group, comprised of three workers with a supervisor works three days a week four hours per day.  Our latest invoice for the month of October was $10,674.06.

We asked the city to trim the large trees on Main Street and they obliged.  We asked the city to place overhead lighting in the corridor next to Patria’s and they obliged.

Security Contract
After negotiations and interviews we awarded the security contract to Uretsky Security.

We believe the officers are doing an excellent job of watching our streets and sidewalks within the district.  They have encountered illegal activities and been responsible for several arrests in the area.

They are moving homeless people out of key areas and keeping an eye out for problems.  We have received numerous positive responses from local businesses who have witnessed the work being done by our security people.  They have direct access to the watch commander and have been cooperating with the police on a regular basis.  The current level of security is two officers from 6AM to 8PM Monday through Thursday and two officers from 6AM through 12AM Friday and Saturday.  The rate is $19.00/hr.  The latest invoice for the month of September was $15,466.00.

Pressure washing the sidewalks
We are currently seeking authorization from the board to pressure wash the two hundred block of Main Street.  Pending the outcome of the job and the availability of funds, we will seek further authorization to pressure wash additional sidewalks within the district.