CSUMB Honors Veterans with Exhibit at CSUMB @ Salinas City Center

CSUMB Honors Veterans with Exhibit

The California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) is hosting a free-entry veterans exhibition at the National Steinbeck Center Nov. 6th featuring Fort Ord historical photographs and veteran-created artwork.

The exhibit, the first in a veteran-inspired series, celebrates CSUMB military veteran and active military student, faculty and staff, and military dependents.

Fort Ord’s history will also be highlighted by displays featuring retired Lt. Col. Claudia M. Ward, who was the first on Fort Ord to integrate women into the U.S. Army and dissolve the Women’s Army Corps, and retired Col. Alfred P. Glover, who was commander of Fort Ord’s 2nd and 3rd Training Battalions.

CSUMB Alumna and exhibition co-curator Ana Eckhart noted the importance of connecting CSUMB and the former Fort Ord lands the university resides.

“Since the base has closed, there has been an inevitable disconnect between what the land was and what it has become. On the surface, CSUMB and Fort Ord may not appear to have much in common. In reality both share a common core belief, the importance of service to the community,” Eckhart said.

Eckhart’s grandfather, retired-Command Sgt. Maj. Vic Delacruz and survivor of the infamous Bataan Death March, will also have a display at the exhibition highlighting his life and career.

“Personally, Fort Ord has always been an important place for me. It’s where my grandpa retired from the Army. It’s where my mom attended elementary school. It’s where my grandma would take me for trips to the post exchange. It is why my family had the opportunity to live in this community,” Eckhart recalled.

Giselle Young, CSUMB Veteran Services Coordinator and co-curator, seconded her colleague’s comment on the importance of showcasing military history and veterans. “Supporting student veteran success at CSUMB is my great privilege. Honoring each individual and connecting them with a proud history of military service and those who served from this community is my goal,” Young said.

Andrea Monroe, CSUMB Student Learning Center Associate Director and the third co-curator, noted the importance of featuring prominent African American veterans and their impact to the Monterey Peninsula.

“This inaugural series features just a few African American veterans who were based here, ranging from Buffalo Soldiers to a Tuskegee Airman, from a drill sergeant to retired colonels who later became successful professionals, educators and/or business leaders,” said Monroe. “I look forward to expanding the series by sharing many more images and stories about Fort Ord’s African American veterans,” she added.

All are welcomed to the exhibition opening November 6, 6pm – 8pm.

The exhibition will remain until Jan 12. For more information, please contact Enid Ryce, Director, CSUMB Salinas Center for Arts and Culture at (831) 737-3566 or eblader@csumb.edu